Francisco Queirós

  • My body is a rock´n´roll temple

    My body is a rock´n´roll temple is an one-time only show presented at Empty Cube. My body is a rock´n´roll temple  is a Bunraku theater style dramatization based on GG Allin´s last interview at the Jane Whitney Show (1993).

    Participants are António Simão (Voice), Alexandra Viveiros (Voice), Francisco Queirós (Puppet handler), Francisco Soares (Puppet handler) and Rita Rocha (Voice).
    Cardboard, raw cloth, polystyrene, olive branch, velcro, wood, electric wire and 40w light bulb, 4 loudspeakers on wooden stands, audio amplifier and audio player. 10.18 min. 700 x 250 x 250 cm. 2011.