Francisco Queirós

  • Um dia todos os adultos morrerão

    Um dia todos os adultos morrerão (Someday all adults will die) is an one-time only show presented at the OldSchool.

    Setlist: Can´t cheat karma by the Zounds, Man Made by Omega Tribe, We support of forms of resistence against this racist system  and Education pt1 by Antidote, Do they owe us a living  and They´ve got big hands by Crass.

    Participants are Francisco Queirós (Vocals), Frederico Valsassina (Bass Guitar), João Morais (Guitar) and Rui Lucena (Drums).
    Guitar, bass guitar, drums, microphones, amplifliers, instruments cases and vinyl lettring.
    10 min. 500 x 500 x 200 cm. 2012.